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About Us

EveryGirl; Girl Connect is a spinoff of the KSH Foundation flagship program EveryGirl aimed at increasing the number of young females in the tech industry. EveryGirl; Girl Connect, however, focuses on increasing internet connectivity for young women between the ages of 17-21 in underserved communities to bridge the gender digital divide.

Girl Connect won the IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge 2023 for the Community Enablement Concept.

To enable young girls to become confident changemakers in their communities


What We Aim To Achieve

We Intend To Achieve It


How It Works

1.Virtual Phase

Participants will engage in courses designed to introduce and reinforce Internet literacy over the course of two weeks. This will run from the 20th May to 31st May.

2.The Immersion

Utilizing internet platforms, participants will showcase why they should be selected to participate further. Selected participants will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Abuja for a 5-day immersion experience, a laptop device, and 90 days mentorship.

Courses Offered

Introduction to Internet Technology: structure, basic protocols, and fundamentals

Internet Communication Tools and Cyber consciousness ( internet safety and security)

Utilizing Web Browsers and Social Media.

Managing Digital Presence and Digital Promotions

Careers on the Internet and How to Begin

Introduction to Copywriting

How to set up a Digital Business

Troubleshooting 101

Content Creation 101

Introduction to Design Software and Tools

Cyber Wellness

Sexual Health and Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be a female residing in Nigeria

  2. Must be within age 17-21 years

  3. Passionate about the use of internet for career development

  4. Willingness and availability to be a part of the virtual training session

  5. Availability to travel

  6. Must posses a means of identification

How To Apply

Please note that interested participants who do not meet all of these criterias will be disqualified

Aisha Gimba

Rachel Emily Timothy

Meet Our Past Fellows

Alheri Abila

Victoria Obike

Aisha Tijani

Omotola Ojegbile

The Visionary Techie

A Founder in the Making

Cybersecurity Techie

Tenancious Techie

The Bold Techie

Optimistic Techie

Aisha Daodu

The Enterprising techie

Nafisah Abduallahi

The Digital Lover

EveryGirl has made a significant difference in my journey, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Being paired with a mentor through EveryGirl has provided invaluable guidance and support. My mentor has helped me make meaningful decisions in both my career and personal life, offering insights and sharing their experiences. The mentorship has fostered personal growth and connected me with a supportive community.


Every Girl program gave me a head start in tech, a platform for expression, and a glimpse of the kind of life that awaits me in tech if I don't give up. The program helped establish the mindset that as a young girl in tech and empowered me with a Laptop which has helped a great deal in my tech journey.

EveryGirl provided me with invaluable mentorship, networking opportunities, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. The fellowship also helped me foster personal growth and self-confidence.

Aisha Daodu

Victoria Obike

Aisha Gimba

Omotola Ojegbile

EveryGirl taught me how to stand strong and never give up on anything I set my mind to do both in my personal and professional life.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Every Girl 2.0 (Girl Connect)
Every Girl 2.0 (Girl Connect) is a program dedicated to increasing internet connectivity and empowering young women aged 17-21 in underserved communities. It focuses on bridging the gender digital divide by providing courses and opportunities in tech-related fields.
How does Girl Connect work?
Girl Connect operates in two phases: the virtual phase and the immersion phase. During the virtual phase, participants engage in courses designed to enhance internet literacy over two weeks. In the immersion phase, selected participants showcase their skills for further opportunities, including a 5-day immersive experience in Abuja, a laptop, and mentorship.
Is this a paid program?

No, application for Every Girl Connect is free and anyone eligible is free to apply

Who is eligible to apply?

Young girls from age 17-21 who are eager to take their digitally innovate their career and stand out as an Every Girl Fellow.

What Courses are offered at Every Girl Connect?
Girl Connect offers a variety of courses, including Introduction to Internet Technology, Internet Communication Tools, Utilizing Web Browsers and Social Media, Managing Digital Presence, Careers on the Internet, Cyber Wellness, and more, tailored to equip participants with relevant skills for the digital age.
How Can I Apply?
Applications are currently closed for the Every Girl 2.0; Girl Connect. We hope to see you again next year

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